Dear Daughters

Dear daughters, how're you doing there. Hope you are all fine and stay health, and the most of all is to keep happy because life is short it's so unfortunate if you are have to going through this life in sadness and sorrow

Dear daughters, don't be like me. Don't spend your youth trying to please everyone but yourself.

Don’t spend your time always trying to do all the right things, to be the right person, so others will approve of you.

Don’t be defined by what you think others want, what others expect, of you.

Dear daughters, you are is what the way you are. Your guideline is defined by our rules of life that is Al Quran and Sunnah.

Don’t get trapped in the role of living as a people pleaser. I doesn't worth it even just for 1 second in your life to be what other people want it to be.

Dear daughters, I love you so much. And my biggest mistakes is to leave you in sorrow just to fulfill my promise to someone that don't even care about my life.

Please forgive me, forgive your daddy for all my fault. Time can't reverse back, what had happen is the way I walking in to it today.

Stay health, stay grateful with all you've got because Allah is the only one who can help you in your life.

Your fallen daddy