Hate To Love You

It's has been 2 years since you playing games with my life, my daughter, my son, and my family around me. I think's it's enough to stop this craziness, for god sake I hate to love you
I don't know what is really going on and what is wrong with you all I know is I really hate to love you this day.

Theoretically some of article here describe and answer the question:

Denial of hurt, such as in the case of a husband and wife, can lead to hate especially during a divorce. It is easier to say, "I hate you" instead of saying, "I hurt and you caused me to hurt". Most people do not like to express their hurt because they think that saying their hurt makes them look weak. This goes for both men and women. Men avoid saying that they are hurt because they believe that saying it will make them look weak and women avoid saying it for the same reason. - Paired Life

Nobody want to get hurts everytime, so am I. There's a time to say good bye to "cause of hurts" which is apparently I said it's you.