Last Chapter

Enough to be bad, and stop asking why, this is the reversal moment in my last chapter. Though I'm never said that now I become a good person.

First of all is, I stop asking why (Read me) because I don't need an answer for this, and I think should not ask that question. This is not a questionable question to be answered, and this is just response from my body in mind to telling me that I was confused with all my sin.

My time is running out, approximately I have less than 20 years to fix my last 30 years in my forsaken time. Fulfilled with sins, betrayal, disobedience, disrespect, and many other things that I've been through.

I try to sincerely accept everything that has happened, though it's very painful and breaking every inches of my soul. I lost my daughter, my life, my love, and all will never be back as sweet as before.

My home will never be the same again, although it still standing there but the souls is gone. All this time I just whining for my ungrateful life, and choose to let all this gone.... forever.

This is my last chapter of my life, my last chance, for my returning. The rose has turned into black, but not dark one. I call it Ikhlas