You know, people can change by so many reason. But sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise in my ear and take a biggest part from the reason of it.

The biggest changes in my thought is about home, this mean not just a property for me neither just a place to sleep. Home is a feeling, my story, my life, and I want to be the part of it forever.

Loneliness also add beauty to my life, it put a special smell of earth after rain, and when I keep my eyes on the star they tell me that I am not alone.

Once a wise man told me when people walk away from you. Maybe I should let them go, my destiny is never tied to anyone who love me though it doesn't means that they are bad people. It just mean that their part in my story is over.

This is my road, and apparently I have to walk on it alone. Other may walk it with me but no one can walk it for me.