Leaving The Turtle Behind

It's been a long time I haven't open my old FB account, but I keep notified by email that someone has try to reset my password over and over again. Of course it's make me curious who the hell is he, are they want to claim my user account ? if I can give the account, perhaps I already give it to someone else from the first time I quit from FB.

But there's some statement from a little turtle that annoying my end of day, owh.... suddenly the memories appear, everything came back when I read that statement.

untuk sahabatku yg nunjauh disana, 
"ingatlah aku sebanyak kapasitas otakmu, dan lupakanlah aku semudah kau menghapus air mataku"

lakukan itu jika kau ingin hapus aq.

I don't know who's the person that little turtle pointing to, but I felt annoyed with that statement... it seems like that little turtle was pointing at me.

It has been 1 years huh (almost) :) since our last conversation... "Enggak.. !@#$.......... puas ?" hahahaha, I still remember that night. Silly me who begging like a beggar and back to my apartment like a loser, yeah it's a rough day, my most bad day I ever had.

Day by day has goes by I thought that turtle is going to apologize to me, but it seems like that turtle was too busy to keep her appearance looks perfect and too busy to find the reason why someone like me not response her attitude like the other guy she ever know.

So........ what am I going to do with this little turtle, yeah I must make a final decision so next time that turtle never disturb me anymore.

Friend ? I regretfully have to say that little turtle absolutely doesn't deserve to be my friend, neither to have my attention, and even to have my cigarette. Enemy ? Sorry I'm not looking for enemy, my life was already fully with trouble I can't have more.

Well... just go away will you, get your story out of my life. I had enough with you, syuh... syuh... begone and be good out there, from now on, I will hard on you... you know I will if I already said so because I'm Gee.