Things Don't Always Go The Way We Want

In my 34th years of my time, I've been through to so many condition, so much destiny, and so many ways of life. Sometimes, things don't always go the way we want so many disappointments in my life... I can't be a monolith forever I must change whether to given up of stubborn to get my will.

You know what ? Every time I went to the office either going back to my home, I spent about at least 1 hour on  the road, so much time and it's enough to think about everything. I keep asking why, whining, and ungrateful to my life.

But this time I try to accept all the things that I've been through, it's powerless when we face the Gods will, anything we've trying is just only make us suffer more. My eyes were blinded for this ungrateful behavior, until I realized when Poe give me resignation letter and wrote my name as IT Head Division in my company.

Did I reach that high on my career ? Something I dream of it when I was in college so many years ago and just because some woman makes me cry or fall ? No, I won't let that happen (hell no)... Even if I have to lose everything or if I have to rot and die alone.