Dear Daughters

Dear daughters, how're you doing there. Hope you are all fine and stay health, and the most of all is to keep happy because life is short it's so unfortunate if you are have to going through this life in sadness and sorrow

In Your Dream

My loneliness has attract some unresolved business in the past, try to provide me hope, passion, and even my wildest imagination. But at the end I realized that this is all just a dream, sweet sensation full desirable dream.

Hate To Love You

It's has been 2 years since you playing games with my life, my daughter, my son, and my family around me. I think's it's enough to stop this craziness, for god sake I hate to love you

You Are Safe With Me

Don't worry dear, your right will be safe with me. No matter how mad I am, and how much I want to make you pay for all you've done. I am not going to take your right as my part of story

Some Words Are Better Left Unspoken

Silent is my final decision, though seems like this unfairly threatening me. Honestly, I am not happy with this situation. Angry to the bone, and I reach my ultimate wrath.

This is the time

The first step to a thriving unretirement is to begin by asking yourself what it is you want to be doing?

It mean a lot, affected whole things even all the people who abandoned me. Because I will live as much as I need...

Secret Relationship

One bloody years has already passed, so many story and drama to be filled with anger, sadness, lonely, and even hatred. Marhaban yaa Ramadhan, it was about the hope and longing for redemption that lies somewhere within each of us.

High Tension, Zero Tolerance

Amsyuong is an Indonesian imagery, more or less it has mean high tension with zero tolerance. My bad, my destiny