This is the time

The first step to a thriving unretirement is to begin by asking yourself what it is you want to be doing?

It mean a lot, affected whole things even all the people who abandoned me. Because I will live as much as I need...

Secret Relationship

One bloody years has already passed, so many story and drama to be filled with anger, sadness, lonely, and even hatred. Marhaban yaa Ramadhan, it was about the hope and longing for redemption that lies somewhere within each of us.

High Tension, Zero Tolerance

Amsyuong is an Indonesian imagery, more or less it has mean high tension with zero tolerance. My bad, my destiny

Last Chapter

Enough to be bad, and stop asking why, this is the reversal moment in my last chapter. Though I'm never said that now I become a good person.

Piece of Story

Some romance movie inspired me to believe that, if we have faith on something don't let it loose keep on your heart. But this is all just a movie, in real life we are just a piece of story

I am Just a Cat

I don't talk too much, just said "Miauw" or sliding my body to your feet. Sometime staring at your face and start to sleep on your bed.

A Cup of Bitter Coffee

How can I describe my self? The mauve that began to sink in the western horizon accompanied by a cup of bitter coffee and a cat

Thug Life

I will give everybody a chance until three simple warning. But if they are still doesn't understand, pardon me if I kick you out from my life.